Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Halo Reach Grunt

12-04-2010 This was a cake I made in honor of my husband's birthday, as well as his yearly LAN Party with friends from all over central Florida and Aruba. Since they are constantly playing Halo Reach through Xbox Live, I thought it only appropriate to recreate a cake in the shape of one of the characters that appears in the Halo games. I was wondering what I should make and turned to my son and asked what flavor cake I should make. After listing the typical Vanilla, Chocolate, and Marble, I then said Confetti. As soon as the word came out of my mouth the cake design was already forming in my mind. We agreed that Confetti would be a great choice, because you can't think of Halo and hear the word confetti and NOT think of a Grunt. 

For those of you who do not play video games, or are not familiar with this particular game, there is an option that can be turned on called "Birthday Party". When the Birthday Party skull is turned on the result is children voices cheering an excited "Yay!" while confetti is strewn around only if a head-shot is made on a Grunt. 

My husband took some still shots from the actual game so that I could use them as reference photos for the cake. I made the cake out of 2 oval, one 6 inch round, 1 regular cupcake, 4 mini cupcakes, buttercream frosting and fondant. Though I do not believe the actual cake had the detail I wanted to give it, I am impressed by only decorating for 6 hours and not really putting too much planning into it. I just started it and kept on going until it was finished all in 1 day. It seemed as though it was enjoyed, but I was informed they were kind of freaked out by the fondant peel away skin, as well as the face, so they ate the rear of the head and left the rest.

 I was informed AFTER using the red icing to stack the layers and make the crumb coat that Grunt blood is in fact blue, not red, so sorry for that inaccuracy.


  1. i cant even describe how epic this is

  2. Your husband is one lucky guy to have you as a wife. That is sooooo awesome. Great job. :D My favorite part is that you made it out of confetti cake.


  3. Your husband must be very lucky ;)

  4. Wait, you baked Flip-Yap?!?


    Beautiful cake, very impressive.

  5. I never thought one cake would cause so many heads to turn. This is awesome. Thanks to all for your comments of praise. And, yes, my husband is lucky to have me, but I wonder who is luckier cake wise, him or his friends? ;)

  6. totally and supremely epic. I bet it tasted great too!